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26 January, 2018

2018 begins as one more year of growth for Solar sector and renewable energies.

IHS Markit is predicting another recording breaking year for solar in 2018, forecasting installations to hit 108 GW by the end of the year and Mondragon Assembly will be part of the core in the scene.

The latest edition of IHS Markit’s PV Demand Market Tracker highlights how China has now become the priority market for domestic manufacturers, something likely to shape the market in 2018. “Short supply and higher than anticipated module prices in the first half of 2018 will impede many market outside China, due to worsening project economics, Projects in some regions might be delayed or even cancelled, because market prices are higher than were estimated during the planning phase.” said Edurne Zoco, Research and Analysis Director at IHS Markit.

The analysts state that continued demand from China will be the key driver behind this growth, as the country has successfully diversified its market and achieved strong momentum in the distributed generation segment. While demand from China is expected to remain stronger than U.S. industry and India. These two to remain the second and third largest PV markets, respectively.

Mondragon Assembly is present in all international markets, China, U.S., India and Latin America, being the executors of projects for the government as of projects for the private sector.

Mondragon Assembly offers capacity to deploy and serve the necessary needs to improve de PV growing process.

With production lines of 100 and 200Mw as those offered by our company, reaching the production expectations necessary to supply market demand is a viable, possible and realistic option.

This forecast will leave little room for unexpected demand increases – as occurred in 2017, unless polysilicon is also able to quickly grow. We have been providing innovative manufacturing technology for more than fifteen years and can confirm that PV solar solutions are one of the responses that future contains.

“Exceeding 108 gigawatts of PV installations is close to the top-end of what can be achieved, based on the global polysilicon manufacturing capacity,” said Zoco. “Supply will therefore be tight throughout the first half of the year at least, resulting in stable to higher prices across the supply chain.”

Recently, in its 4Q Global PV Market Outlook, Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicted similar installation numbers. With stabilization of the polysilicon market expected, improved cost-efficiencies on the upstream side and increased efforts to meet 2020 energy targets in Europe, demand in 2018 should be between 94 and 111 GW; and 107 and 121 GW in 2019, it said.

We design and provide turnkey production lines and machinery for photovoltaic systems. We have been providing innovative manufacturing technology for more than fifteen years.

At Mondragon Assembly, as an internationally recognized producer of solar panels, we believe that the development of renewable and sustainable energy is the key that opens a future for the environment and sustainable growth.

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