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Mondragon Assembly Achieves the certifications SR10 and UNE-19.601

12 June, 2018

Mondragon Assembly Achieves the certifications SR10 (Social Responsibility) and UNE-19.601 (Criminal Compilance) after the corresponding audits carried out by AENOR to its management system in this two areas.

Since the beginning of its activity in 1977, Mondragon Assembly has contributed to the sustainable development and well-being of its surroundings. The certification of its social responsibility management system, according to the SR10 standard, ensures the integration in the management of the organisation of ethical, social, labour values ​​and respect for human and environmental rights.

Additionally, as a company operating globally, it is subject to compliance with the rules and laws of the different countries in which it operates, with production plants and commercial offices, or in which it implements projects for its clients. In order to provide a safe and efficient response to this requirement, it has developed and certified a compliance system, according to the UNE-19601 standard, with the aim of preventing crime within it and reducing crime risks as much as possible.

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