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Green energy on the go. The first “fully solar powered” railway section in India

30 January, 2020

South Central Railway’s Nandyal-Yerraguntla section in Guntakal Division has been declared as the first solar section in India that has all of its stations in one stretch powered by solar panels.

Indian Railways plans to source about 1 GW of solar power, with 500 MW from rooftop solar and another 500 MW from ground-mount solar plants. Rooftop solar plants atop Railway buildings will meet power requirements of non-traction loads at Railway Stations, etc, whereas land-based solar plants will be used to meet both traction and non-traction requirements.

South Central Railway is one of the zones leading in energy conservation by installing solar panels at stations, service buildings, level crossing gates, etc.

Indian Railways, with more than 15 stations got Green certification, which are meeting their electricity needs completely either through solar or wind power.

Included Areas: Roha, Pen, Apta in Central Railway; Niamatpur halt, Kanhaipur halt, Teka Bigha halt, Mai halt, Garsanda halt, Niyazipur halt, Dhamaraghat in East Central Railway; Shri Mata Vaisno Devi, Shimla in Northern Railway; Unhel, Khanderi, Bajud, Ambli Road, Sadanapura and Sachin in Western Railway.

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100-200 MW turnkey line

The 100-200 Mw line is a full-auto solution equipped with the most advanced technology on the market. Optionally,it incorporates a MES system for production control.

50 MW turnkey line

A fully automated solution for manufacturers with high production capacity. Thanks to its flexibility, it is able to manufacture different module configuration.

30 MW turnkey line

A line of medium production capacity, available in semi-automatic and automatic configurations. The flexibility of this line allows the manufacture of different module and technology configurations.

15 MW turnkey line

This is a semi-automatic solution aimed at small manufacturers or niche products. Its modular design allows future expansions in an easy way.

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