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Growth of the photovoltaic solar energy sector over The World for this year: More than 140 GW

24 February, 2020

Another year of global solar growth is here but horizon shows uncertainty dogging the markets of China and India, two of the most important markets and biggest polluters.

Solar energy consumption predictions for this year may be accompanied by the positives results of the last two years, but the expectation spelled out is very much a question of glass half full or half empty.

Rising next to 14% in the amount of new solar generation capacity expected this year compared to last year’s returns, predicting 142 GW of new solar will be rolled out in 2020.

However, with the forecast resorting to comparing the prediction to the figures recorded a decade ago, a glance at the individual market expectations indicates continuing uncertainty in the world’s biggest solar market, a dramatic slowdown after an impressive 2019 in Europe

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