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Solar or Wind? Witch sector will grow more due present year?

24 February, 2020

Solar is expected to hit 34 GW of installed generation capacity by the end of the decade. Wind amounting to 15 GW. Two sustainable energy solutions for the future.

Electric vehicles and other renewable energy power sources would also be expected to grow significantly, with 3.5 GW of offshore wind facilities to power hydrogen production.

The ‘Alternative Transition’ scenario envisages solar and wind facilities undershooting Paris Agreement requirements, albeit with PV experiencing strong growth by 2025.

Results predicts a subsequent solar slowdown triggered by the phasing out of net metering after 2023 and a related limit on cost reductions for household, behind-the-meter energy storage systems. The alternative scenario is also predicated on limited growth in electromobility alongside a greater role for wind power and gas.

Mondragon Assembly provide their clients with solutions and services throughout the entire value chain:

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  • Turnkey solar automation solutions with a capacity of between 15MW and 200MW per year.
  • Automatic and/or semi-automatic machinery: Tabber&Stringer + Layup, Interconnections, Cell Tester&Sorter, Laminators, Framing and machinery for Testing Photovoltaic Modules.
  • Design, specifications and sale of raw materials and consumables, development and certification of modules.
  • Training and know-how transfer.
  • Personalized solutions: Mondragon Assembly’s engineering team offers their experience to help you develop your project.
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