We are a socially responsible group committed to people and their environment. A group that makes an important effort to develop new applications and manufacturing systems that reduce energy consumption, thus increasing its efficiency and favouring sustainable development.

At Mondragon Assembly, we take into account criteria such as quality and social, labour and legal standards. We follow a series of ethical and responsible principles regarding the client, employees, suppliers, society, and the environment.

To verify that these rules are followed correctly in our company, we have created an ethical code and policies that you can see below:

Code of conduct

Privacy and Confidentiality



Conflict and harassment

Interest Conflict

Policy of the integrated
management system

Annual report

· 2017

· 2018

Si observas algún incumplimiento respecto al código ético y las políticas puedes ponerte en contacto a través del siguiente email: socialresponsibility@mondragon-assembly.com