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Mondragon Assembly has one of the best framing equipment. Correct framing of the laminates provides mechanical strength to the photovoltaic modules and facilitates their subsequent installation, making it more simple and timely.


Automatically frames the laminate, fixes the aluminium frame with tape or silicon..


Automises and guarantees the quality of a key process in solar panel manufacture.


  • Automatic loading and unloading of the module.
  • Two independent perpendicular movements to insert the aluminium profiles around the laminate.
  • Adjustable for differently sized photovoltaic modules.
  • Vacuum attachment of the laminate and aluminium frame.
  • Compatible with: Corner block, crimping or screwing.

Technical data table

Closing directionX - Y
Closing force195Kg per corner block
Module dimensionsModule length: Max 2000 mm. and Min: 1400 mm. Module width: Max 1100 mm. and Min: 600 mm. (Adjusted only for two module sizes and easily readjustable in +-5mm from those theorical diemntions)
Junction typeCorner block or screw between frames or screw between frames. Silicone or tape between frames and glass
Frame widthMin 35mm and max 55mm
Corner block sizeMax length 55mm
Closing drivePneumatic
Frame typeAluminium rail with corner blocks
Aluminium rail loadingManual
Laminate loadingAutomatic with lifting conveyors.
SafetyLight guards
Dimensions (L x W x H)2700 x 1700 x 1000 mm.
Corner block max length (mm)55mm
Corner-block max and minimum width(mm)Min 35mm and max 55mm
Corner block max insertion force (N)195Kg
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