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The laminator

Lamination is one of the most critical processes in the solar panel manufacturing line; it ensures the quality and durability of the photovoltaic module.

To ensure your products are top quality, Mondragon Assembly selects the best solar laminator for the production characteristics defined by the client, offering an optimised production line tailored to your needs.


Encapsulation of the module by applying the right pressure and temperature to laminate the various components. The crucial factors in the laminating process are the raw materials, temperature, vacuum and pressure.


The laminator consists of two chambers separated by a flexible diaphragm. The relevant materials are positioned on the glass of the photovoltaic module to be inserted into the laminator. Next, a vacuum is created in the chamber in order to remove the air from the front of the module, pressure and a previously-set temperature are applied, resulting in a compact laminate.


  • Uniformity of temperature.
  • Machine productivity and availability above 95%, VDI 3423.
  • Optimised processes to avoid breakages
  • Fast changing of membranes
  • Easy integration into a solar panel manufacturing line
  • Control panel formula monitoring
  • Remote diagnosis

Solar Laminator Capacities

Production LinesCapacity
15MW2 modules* per batch
30MW4 modules* per batch
50-60MW4 modules* per batch
100MW8 modules* per batch
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