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Its main function is to weld the correctly aligned cells to firm strings. The cells are connected by ribbon, which is manipulated and aligned ensuring it is always controlled and precise. Mondragon Assembly has separate tabbers and stringers to suit all production needs. Tabber & Stringer from 15 MW to 180 MW.

MTS 2500 Single-Track Tabber and Stringer

A high-performance Tabber and Stringer equipped with a single welding tape (Single Track).

Tabber and Stringer GTS18

Easily configurable Tabber and Stringer with state-of-the-art technology. Capacity of 60MW/year.

Tabber and Stringer TS1400

Very flexible Tabber&Stringer, can make standard modules or special modules with cut cells, for example, very easy to handle and economical with a medium-high production capacity of >40MW/year.

Tabber and Stringer TS700

Easy and economical Tabber&Stringer with a production capacity of >25 MW/year.

Tabber and Stringer TS600LT

Easy and economical Tabber&Stringer with a production capacity of >20MW/year.

Layup Stringer

The layup manipulates and inspects the strings coming from the Tabber and Stringer using artificial vision and accurately positions them over the glass + EVA.

Mondragon Assembly’s different layups adapt to the capacity of each Tabber&Stringer, from the compact machine with layup integrated into the customizable, to the GTS 18 with 6 axle robot, providing an extremely broad variety of options for our clients.

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