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A high-performance Tabber and Stringer equipped with a single welding tape (Single Track).


Its innovative interconnection system allows the MTS 2500 Tabber to reach a net production capacity of 2400 cells per hour, making it the fastest in the market.

The MTS 2500 Tabber is designed to process cells of different technologies and sizes, and is capable of welding cells with up to 8 bus bar. Thanks to its compact design, it only requires 7.5m2.

The MTS 5000 solution is available for a net production of 4800 cells per hour, with more than 180 Mw per year.



  • High production capacity, with 90 MW per year for a single Tabber.
  • A compact machine, requiring only 7.5 m2. It allows users to optimise the production space.
  • Homogeneous and stable production, in which all strings are manufactured in a single welding tape.
  • Capable of welding cells of up to 8 BB.
  • Compatible with different cell technologies and sizes.
  • Rupture rate lower than 0.2%

Main features

  • Contactless IR soldering so that stress is not generated in the cell.
  • Control of cell temperature to ensure good soldering.
  • Smart control of the process: the different parameters are adjusted automatically.
  • Vision control systems to check the quality of the cells so that defective cells can be removed.
Cell parameters
Cell dimension range156 × 156 mm. Upgrades could be made for cut cells of ½
Cell thickness range160 - 300 µm
Cell geometrySquare or pseudo square (Other on request) The machine will be adjusted for one reference only
Number of tabs per cell2-3-4-5-6 (Hardware and adjustment only for one cell type)(Options to be added if 5BB or 6BB needed)
Tab spacing2BB: 78 or 75; 3BB:52;4BB: 39;5BB;31.5;6BB:26
Tab width>1mm
Max. string length1,960 mm.
Distance between cells within string2 - 10 mm. ( Larger on request )
Tab + length (trailing tab) (mm.)(D)25-10
Tab – length (leading tab) (mm.)©25-10
Tab to cell edge front (mm.)(F)4-2
Tab to cell edge back (mm.)(E)10-2
Tabbing & Stringing
Cell aligningVision System
Flux application methodAutomatic, contactless
Soldering processIR + heating plates
Performance features
Max. / nominal throughput2400/2300cells/h*
Average cell breakage ratio< 0.2% (with certified cells)
* With Mondragon Assembly certified materials and working conditions.
Air & Power supply
Compressed air pressure & flow5 bar 600 Nl/min
Installed. power40kW (3 Ph, 380-420 V, 50-60 Hz)
Power consumption during heating.Variable
Power consumption.13 kWh/h
Noise level<80 dB
System dimensions +
Weight3000 kgr.
L x W × H (see pag. 27)7.7 × 1.6 × 2,1 m.
System control & software
Computer hardwareBeckhoff PLC With touch panel
Software allowing remote diagnosis Yes
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