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Easy and economical Tabber&Stringer with a production capacity of >20MW/year.


Mondragon Assembly’s Tabber&Stringer is functionally simple, but precise, reliable and easy to use at the same time.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in technological processes and solar equipment, our team offers modular designs with advanced functions, low cost and high performance.

The Tabber&Stringer has four main remarkable elements: Cell quality control using artificial vision, advanced control of the IR soldering process, axles equipped with servo-drives and ribbon power systems of 2, 3, 4 and up to 5 bus bar.



  • Vision control systems to see the quality of the cells so that defective cells can be detected and removed.
  • Control of cell temperature to ensure good soldering.
  • Time control for correct self-diagnostics.
  • Unlimited number of process formulas, where the same model or module can assume different process parameters, depending on the materials used.
  • Flexibility for processing different cell models or sizes with a very short change time. We work with cut cells. Up to 1/6 of 6” cells.

Main features

  • Contactless IR soldering so that stress is not generated in the cell.
  • Flux dispensing onto the bus bar without contact with the cell.
  • Anti-camber systems to improve the ribbon’s alignment.
  • Artificial vision
Cell Parameters
Cell dimension rangeCut cells of 6”: ½”;1/4”,1/6”. Other to be studied
Cell thickness range160 - 300 µm
Cell geometryAll
Number of tabs per cell2 -3-4-5
Tabs spacing (2 tabs)Tab spacing: 2BB: 78 o 75; 3BB:52;4BB: 39;5BB: 31,2 (Minimum 25mm)
Tab soldering processContinuous
Number of cells (125 x 125 mm) per string15
Number of cells (156 x 156 mm) per string12
Max.string length1960 mm
Distance between cells with string2,5 - 160 mm (longer on request)
Max.number of paralist strings in assembly unit8
Max. module size (L x W)2000 x 1100 mm
Min. module size (L x W)1400×600 mm
Tabbing & Stringing
Cell aligningVision System
Tabbing & stringing processOne step
Flux application methodAutomatic, contactless
Soldering processIR
Cell Transport System
Tabbing & stringingWalking Beam
Max. number of cells per casette (buffer)200 cells (5 cassettes por buffer)
String unloadingLayup on glass
Performance features
Max. / nominal throughput600/540 cells/h
Average cell breakage ratio<0,3 % (with certified cells)
Air&Power supply
Compressed air pressure & flow5 bar 650 Nl/min
Installed power15kW (3 Ph, 380-420 V, 50-60 Hz)
Power consumption during heating7,2 kWh
Power consumption3,6 kWh
Weight2500 kg
L x W x H5,6 x 1,7x2,1 m
System Control & Software
HardwareBeckhoff PLC with touch panel
Software allowing remote diagnosisYes
Acquired data compatible with Acess ExcelYes
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