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Mondragon Assembly is proud to present its new MTS 2500 tabber and its MTS 5000 lay-up machine.

The new MTS 2500 is an evolutionary leap in the concept of Tabber Stringer machines. The innovative design of Mondragon Assembly allows a net production capacity of 2400 cells per hour in a single welding track, making it the fastest in the market.

When designing this new tabber, the experienced engineering team of Mondragon Assembly took into account new market trends.  Therefore, this tabber allows the interconnection of cells up of up to 8 BB as well as the welding of half cells.

In addition to its production capacity, it is also notable for its size, as it only requires 7.5 m2. It thus allows the installation of high-production lines in smaller areas.

With a rupture rate lower than 0.2%, this machine does not require major adjustments or maintenance. Its user-friendly interface allows the operator to interact with it easily.

MTS 5000 lay-up machine

The new MTS 5000 lay-up machine incorporates two MTS 2500 tabber stringer units, achieving a production capacity of 4800 cells per hour, which means an annual capacity of 180 Mw.

MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY, at its facility in Orange, France, has been awarded with the new ISO 9001:2015 Certification, proving that the Company’s processes of design, engineering, manufacturing and management follow a strict, complete and efficient Quality Management System. This results in very performant products of high quality as well as in an excellent Customer Service. The high standards in quality that MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY Orange has always maintained is expressed in a clear and detailed Quality Policy that covers all levels and activities of the Company.

MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY is one of the first French Companies being certificated under the new 2015 version of the norm. This is a major revision of the ISO 9001 and has been developed based in the current business challenges that today’s companies face. It is not only, as in the past, a tool for managing quality but indeed a significant developing scenario for achieving a global business improvement thanks to the efficiency and the improvement of the Customer’s satisfaction. It also includes the strategic analysis of the long term company’s goals. So, new version of the ISO 9001 focuses on the management enlargement, the control of the interaction between processes and hierarchy as well as the social and economic environment of the Enterprise.

In recent years, the Indian photovoltaic market has experienced a significant growth, becoming one of the most important markets worldwide.  In order to effectively meet the India’s demand, Mondragon Assembly has opened an office in Delhi.

Mondragon Assembly, thus, will make available to the Indian market the experience acquired in recent years in the manufacture of solar modules, offering turnkey solutions ranging from 15 MW to 200 WM.

Thanks to this plant, Mondragon Assembly will be supporting its customers during the launch process and will offer a fast, high-quality service throughout the country.

With the opening of this plant, Mondragon Assembly now has seven sites worldwide, including Spain, France, Germany, China, and Brazil.

Mondragon Assembly Solar has inaugurated, in the Aretxabaleta plant, in Spain, a modern showroom equipped with the latest technology for manufacture of photovoltaic modules. The 200m2 facility features the following machinery:

  • Tabber & Stringer
  • EL
  • Laminator
  • Sun Simulator

In addition to the manufacturing line, customers will also be able to see the latest developments of Mondragon Assembly, such as the glass-glass bifacial module.

This facility will allow Mondragon Assembly to intensify its innovation activities both at the equipment level and at the module level, enabling the development and incorporation of new technologies.

Another advantage of this installation is that customers will have at their disposal the possibility of seeing the machines in operation on site and even develop their products alongside Mondragon Assembly experts.  It will also serve as a training place for new customers.

With this new milestone, Mondragon Assembly continues to consolidate itself as one of the main players in the photovoltaic production chain.

Universidad Mondragon México
Mexico solar plant modules production
Renewable Energy India trade fair

For yet another year, Mondragon Assembly has showcased its products and new developments at one of India’s most renowned solar power sector trade fairs. The event was held from 7 – 9 September and Mondragon Assembly’s stand was visited by numerous Indian customers, as the Indian Government is strongly promoting the renewable energy sector.

Over 650 companies from 40 different countries showcased their products at the fair. As in previous years, Mondragon Assembly had its own stand at the show, which was once again enthusiastically received by all the customers.

Intersolar South America

For yet another year, Mondragon Assembly has showcased its products and new developments at one of the solar power sector’s top trade fairs in Latin America. During the three-day event, which ran from August 23 – 25, numerous Latin American customers visited Mondragon Assembly’s stand, particularly local Brazilian and Mexican companies.

The Latin American photovoltaic sector has been growing rapidly for some three years, and according to GTM Research Latin America the announced project pipeline will continue to increase, particularly in Brazil.

Demand has stagnated in Mexico, however, due to new energy legislation, giving rise to much uncertainty for the solar power sector.

As in previous years, Mondragon Assembly had its own stand at the show, which was enthusiastically received by all the customers.

The Mondragon Assembly Group is set to participate in the RENEWABLE ENERGY INDIA expo, to be held in New Delhi, India, from 7-9 September, on stand number F55.

This is one of India’s leading solar industry trade shows, focusing on photovoltaic solutions. 

Intersolar Trade Fair South America

The Mondragon Assembly Group is set to participate in the Intersolar South America exhibition, to be held in São Paulo, Brazil, from 23-25 August, on stand number C14.

This exhibition is one of South America’s leading solar industry trade shows and focuses on photovoltaic power, new photovoltaic production technologies, energy storage, etc. 

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