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Mondragon Assembly has successfully introduced its new system for automatic manufacturing of high-capacity photovoltaic modules at the Intersolar Europe trade show.

This system consists of two MTS 2500 Tabbers and Stringers, the fastest on the market in a single soldering track, and the most advanced interconnected IC150 system. This enables manufacturers to obtain a high production capacity in a very small space, thus offering them great competitive advantages.

During the duration of the event, numerous visitors were received at the stand interested in the various turnkey solutions of Mondragon Assembly, with lines ranging from 15MW to 320MW.  Mondragon Assembly offers assembly lines of modules with different degrees of automation, adapting to the needs of each client.

One highlight was the presence of European visitors, which is a sign of the recovery of the photovoltaic market in Europe. The Mondragon Assembly team expects to materialise a number of projects spread across the world in the coming months.

Mondragon Assembly, leader in automated solutions for photovoltaic applications, will be presenting at the Intersolar Europe show its new Front Line with an annual production capacity of 150MW.

The Front Line consists of two MTS 2500 tabbers and stringers and an IC150 interconnect system.  This Front line is designed to manufacture panels with cells with up to 6 buses.

Tabber MTS 2500 

The MTS 2500 tabber and stringer has a net production capacity of 2400 cells/hour in a single welding track, making it the fastest in the market. In addition to its production capacity, it is also notable for its size, as it requires only 7.5 m2. It thus allows the installation of high-production lines in smaller areas.


As the number of busbars in photovoltaic cells increases, the bussing or interconnected welding process becomes a bottleneck in many production chains.  The Mondragon Assembly IC150 allows module manufacturers to increase the production rate while guaranteeing the quality of the product at all times.

Mondragon Assembly will be located in booth A2.150.

Last May 9th and 10th, MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY FRANCE was honored welcoming the Working Sessions of the Consortium of the European Project COMBILASER. During the two days, the participants checked the advancements being made in the development that will allow to apply self learning and artificial intelligence to laser processes in the cladding and welding domains. Debates were focused in the three prototypes that are being made simultaneously to be soon installed, in order to check the good functioning of the technology. These systems will be installed at facilities of Hidria AET, Orkli and TM Comas. Combilaser is a 3 years span project coming now into its more practical phase. It was also studied the potential collaboration after the testing of the prototypes.

Technical meetings were completed with an evening  cultural agenda when the Team was able to admire the Ancient Roman Theatre of Orange, UNESCO’s World Heritage, one of the best preserved all over de World and built during the First Century AD, under the reign of Cesar Augustus. Its enormous stage measures 103 m long and 37 m high. Nowadays, it is the home of one of the most prestigious Opera festivals in Europe.

MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY in France has recently supplied a complete installation for the assembly and packaging of Sanitary Parts aimed to the Home Sector. The Line is able to manufacture several different models depending on the needs of the market. In the line all the components of the part are assembled, being fed depending of the model and testing at all times the quality of the made operations. Moreover, once the part has been assembled and tested, is transferred to a complete sorting and packaging line. In this area, each part is plastic wrapped for protection, the case is thermoformed, cardboard boxes are manufactured and filled with the parts. Finally, labeling and closing operations are performed letting the boxes ready for delivery. The line is able to assembly and preparing for expedition almost 700 parts per hour.

The line also includes a complete computerized system for monitoring the installation, allowing its data connection with the central computer system of the facility.

This line is a clear example of the high skills of MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY FRANCE, proposing turn-key systems very easy to handle by our Customers as well as with the highest added value.

Videoclips of several lines already delivered in different sectors can be seen in the Youtube channel of the Company.

Last Mars, 12th the second review meeting of the European COMBILASER Project was held at Hannover, Germany. The responsable officers of the European Union were checking the achievements of this multi year project. Combilaser is a high technology program to develop intelligent systems able to self learning in processes using laser as those for welding or material cladding. In this project advances in laser, non-destructive controls, precision mechanics and neuronal networks are combined. Within the program several European Partners are collaborating and one of those is MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY, nominated as leader of Work Package 5, the phase where concrete devices are developed for handling the sensors and mechanisms , sending and receiving data to/from the self-learning Expert System.

Project officer Ms. Tanya Nikolova and two independent experts, Dr. Pascal Aubry and Dr. Evren Yasa were satisfied with the already achieved results. Next meeting will be held in the facility of MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY FRANCE, in the city of Orange.

The project led by Cegasa Portable Energy, involving companies that provide solutions in the field of electronics and mould injection, as well as end user companies, began its trajectory in 2016 in the Hazitek programme of the Basque Government. During the initial phase, the process of defining requirements has been successfully completed, both for batteries and for the assembly line in which they will be produced. Currently, the R&D department of Mondragon Assembly, based on its own R&D unit, Koniker, is completing the design of the critical equipment of the process. The construction of the equipment is planned for mid-2017, which, after internal validation, will be installed in Cegasa for validation under real production conditions.

The lithium-ion battery market is expected to experience sustained growth driven by both the mobility sector and by large-scale stationary storage to accommodate the increasing inputs of renewable energies into electricity grids. Mondragon Assembly anticipates that this growth should involve investments in automated equipment and that, therefore, they can assume a new line of business in the medium term.

Thus, Mondragon Assembly completes its range of solutions for the renewable energy and storage sector, contributing to the decarbonisation of the environment and to a sustainable development.


Mondragon Assembly France has recently delivered a fully automatic line for the finishing and testing of ball bearings.

The new installation includes three independent stations with their entry and exit loading and unloading lines, all of them fully linked. Within the operations carried out in the line, some of them can be particularly emphasized: verification of the quality of the bearing via sonic technology, laser tracking and marking of the bearing and inner clearance control down to micron precision. Also, several finishing components are assembled to the bearing.

MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY is present in France since 1994, being nowadays a key reference in the field of automatic assembly and industrial automation. The Company supplies automatic assembly lines to all the main components manufacturers all over the world.

Mondragon Assembly has obtained a new Global Project from one of the leading auto parts manufacturers for the design and development of an automatic cell for assembly and test of a coolant tank. The project consists of two independent cells that will be manufactured and installed simultaneously in Mexico and China during the first half of 2017. “This is a new step forwards in our strategy of working together with our customers on global projects, based on our 40 years of experience and our global presence, with consolidated plants in China, Mexico, Germany, Spain, France and Brazil, as well as the opening of our new company in India”, says our Chief Executive Officer Luis Mari Imaz.

Mondragon Assembly has been awarded by one of the most important Automotive Components Supplier all over the world as a global supplier of its new automatic assembly lines. These lines will assemble control devices for the automobile industry.  As a result of this contract, several lines will be installed in Europe, North America and Asia. The very first line, this year, will be delivered to Mexico. These systems include an ample use of robotics, advanced laser tracking and marking units, qualitative vision control, automatic sealing control, laser welding, full safety devices and a powerful computer control aimed to monitor and control the line as well as allowing data integration of the lines with the global management system of the Company.

Mondragon Assembly provides a high added value to its Customers as it adds to its advanced technical skills a global presence with facilities in Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, China, Brazil and India, offering a full service, standard and close in most of the world.

Mondragon Assembly has supplied a fully automated 200 MW turnkey line to the prestigious Indian company Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), which manufactures photovoltaic modules, among many other products. The line is based in Bangalore.

The line is equipped with the most advanced technology on the market, with a production capacity of 120 modules per hour.

The opening event was attended by Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Companies, Mr Anant Geete.

With this delivery, Mondragon Assembly consolidates its position in the Indian market, offering technical and commercial support through its subsidiary Mondragon Assembly India Pty Ltd.

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