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Mondragon Assembly will be opening on 21 September the recent expansion of its facilities in Aretxabaleta, Spain, and will receive the acknowledgment from the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (Aenor) for its certification in the “SR10” and “UNE-19601” standards.

In recent years, Mondragon Assembly has experienced a growth in its market and, to be able to respond to its projects, has expanded its manufacturing facilities in Aretxabaleta by 800 square metres.

These modern facilities will allow the Automation and Solar businesses to continue growing, ensuring, up to now, manufacturing with the most modern technology and the highest quality to meet the high levels of demand of their customers.

This is a new milestone in the consolidation of Mondragon Assembly as a global leader in the manufacturing of machinery and automated lines.

“SR10” and “UNE-19601” certifications

In addition, at this opening ceremony, Aenor, through its General Manager, Luz Emparanza, will be delivering to Mondragon Assembly the social responsibility certifications according to the “SR10” standard and criminal compliance according to the “UNE-19601” standard. Thus, Mondragon Assembly becomes the first company in Gipuzkoa to obtain the criminal compliance certification. These standards guarantee the integration in the management of the organisation of ethical, social and labour values ​​and respect for human and environmental rights.

Global PV markets should double during the next five years, reaching between 180 and 200 GW from 2022 in a more diversified market.

Although a significant level of uncertainty prevails, the current transition period in China will not produce significant effects after 2020 and the PV market will continue its solid growth.

The market will continue to diversify, with distributed applications growing in share, while new market segments will start to contribute significantly: floating PV, agricultural PV, but also BIPV and VIPV (PV for vehicles) will complement the existing ground-mounted and BAPV plants. Off-grid will remain marginal in volume while large-scale off-grid will grow, especially in Africa. New applications could represent up to 25% of the global PV market from 2022.

Mondragon Assembly provides a comprehensive service to its customers, from technical advice to the choice of raw materials and certification of modules.

The Mondragon Assembly turnkey lines meet the production needs of each customer, providing solutions aimed at small and large producers and combining different levels of automation.

The flexibility of our lines allow us to manufacture lithium-ion modules of different technologies and sizes. The lines are equipped with the most innovative technology, allowing us to reach a final product of excellent quality.

Advanced Energy Storage Systems Market size is experiencing a growth process higher than ever expected.

Increasing power consumption, driven by residential, commercial and infrastructure needs accompanied by favourable regulatory compliances to use electric vehicles are key factors stimulating global advanced energy storage systems market size growth.

Energy management in order to meet utility scale sized project grid demands are expected driving factors for fuel demand. These systems tend to manage energy resources flow effectively, hence reducing power plants set up which is ideal for remote locations.

Asia pacific is forecast to witness highest gains at 15.8% CAGR up to 2022. Rising industrialization accompanied by enhanced consumer lifestyle in India and China are major reasons foster regional growth (China reaches 22% increase on first quarter 2018 | China. One of the major advocates of global clean-energy expansion.)

Mondragon Assembly Achieves the certifications SR10 (Social Responsibility) and UNE-19.601 (Criminal Compilance) after the corresponding audits carried out by AENOR to its management system in this two areas.

Since the beginning of its activity in 1977, Mondragon Assembly has contributed to the sustainable development and well-being of its surroundings. The certification of its social responsibility management system, according to the SR10 standard, ensures the integration in the management of the organisation of ethical, social, labour values ​​and respect for human and environmental rights.

Additionally, as a company operating globally, it is subject to compliance with the rules and laws of the different countries in which it operates, with production plants and commercial offices, or in which it implements projects for its clients. In order to provide a safe and efficient response to this requirement, it has developed and certified a compliance system, according to the UNE-19601 standard, with the aim of preventing crime within it and reducing crime risks as much as possible.

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Mondragon Assembly announces that it has entered into a Preferred Partnership Agreement (PPA) with Meyer Burger Technology Ltd, a leading global technology company specialising on innovative systems and processes based on semiconductor technologies. The company’s focus is on photovoltaics (solar industry) while its competencies and technologies also cover important areas of the semiconductor and the optoelectronic industries as well as other selected high-end markets based on semiconductor materials. Both Meyer Burger and Mondragon view this as an important strategic milestone which further strengthens two global technology leaders in the PV module market.

With its expertise in integration and contract manufacturing, Mondragon is ideally positioned as outsourcing partner for the production of equipment for Meyer Burger’s SmartWire Connection Technology. The preferred partnership agreement enables Meyer Burger to benefit from Mondragon’s international manufacturing network and established supply chain. For Mondragon, it is an opportunity to produce manufacturing equipment for the most cost effective cell connection technology on the market today both for mono- and multi-crystalline solar cells. According to the agreement, Mondragon plans to start production of SWCT™ equipment for Meyer Burger at the latest by end of the fourth quarter 2018. Meyer Burger will discontinue its own manufacturing of SWCT™ equipment at its production site in Thun, Switzerland by the end of 2018, but will continue to drive Research & Development as well as marketing and sales of the SWCT™ technology going forward. Patents, marketing and all sales activities regarding SWCT™ will continue to be managed by Meyer Burger.

Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory Co, (AECEA), which issued a statement on the NEA released figures at a NEA press conference on April 24, had previously forecasted around 7.5GW of installations in China in the first quarter of 2018.

China installed a total of 9.65GW of solar PV capacity in the first quarter of 2018, a 22% increase over the prior year period, according to China’s National Energy Administration (NEA).

The official breakdown of installations included 7.68GW of distributed solar capacity, which increased by 217%, compared to the prior year period. In contrast, utility-scale installed capacity declined 64% to only 1.95GW in the first quarter of 2018, compared to the prior year period.

Photovoltaic industry establishes itself as one of the foundations of the future energy.

Engineering solutions such as offered by Mondragon Assembly are the materialization of a promising future for humanity and our environment.

These indicators clearly reflect what we have been announcing for months: The photovoltaic industry establishes itself as one of the foundations of the future energy.

AECEA said that despite the increase in Q1 2018 installations it still expects full-year total installations in China to reach in the range of 40GW to 45GW, down from NEA figures of 53.5GW in 2017.

AECEA also noted that further improvements had been made on grid curtailment issues, notably in the autonomous region of Xinjiang and province of Gansu, where the curtailment levels had been above 20% throughout 2017.

Representatives of European policy have met in Brussels last month to discuss and develop a strategy to build a supply policy for European clean energy sectors. A maximum of three years have been set in order to put this procedure into operation.

The CEIF is a direct result of the lobbying initiatives of SolarPower Europe over the past 18 months The Clean Energy Industrial Forum (CEIF) has been set up by the Commission to develop a strategy to build a supply side policy for European clean energy sectors.

The CEIF comprises three pillars: one is on batteries; one on renewables; and one on construction. SolarPower Europe is active in all three areas, as we were instrumental in calling for, and getting the CEIF off the ground.

The three year plan for the CEIF:

  1. Year one: Development
  2. Year two: Implementation
  3. Year three: Monitoring and evaluation through KPIs – that are being developed with the input of SolarPower Europe.

Check out Why Mondragon Assembly is on the core:

The industrial strategy must involve the whole value chain, including work streams for operations and maintenance, from developers to installers. The European Commission supports this approach, as they also recognize the need to have a voice from the downstream sector in any industrial policy discussions. This creates a more holistic approach to the industrial strategy and increases the chances for it to be successful.

Given the improvement from 2016-2017, with a growth of around 20%, we believe that the trend will continue and that we could get close to double digits once again.

SNEC China

China’s share in the global Solar PV market has hit a tremendous high, with Chinese technology companies holding a record 60% of the annual global solar manufacturing capacity.

China’s bid to regulate and suppress the dangers of a polluted environment can be traced to the country’s 13th five-year plan to 2020.

China has already exceeded its 2020 PV target and its 2019 wind target. Even with the pace at which solar is growing, accelerating solar PV growth, especially in China, rests upon addressing key issue like grid integration. Photovoltaic energy is flexible to supply all industrial and consumer sectors.

The need for flexibility that PV will also drive this energy shift: buildings and transport will provide a source of flexibility that the sole electric load could not provide today. In that sense, PV integration in the electricity system at large will benefit significantly from these two sectors.

Solar Manufacturing Equipment in conjunction with Solar turnkey manufacturing lines are the key to achieve that goal.

Behind China, the US and India are thrusts of global clean-energy expansion.

Mondragon Assembly has a solid presence in these three markets. Together, the three countries make up two-thirds of the renewable energy expansion worldwide.

Deploying offices and direct presence in China, Mondragon Assembly establishes as one of its objectives to be part of the expansion and growth process, thinking of a future based on renewable and pollution-free energies.

Almost 165 gigawatts of renewables came online in 2016, of which the expansion was majorly influenced by China. For a country with desperate concern for air pollution and environmental degeneration, China has the largest market for solar and was responsible for half the solar panels installed. In the words of Paolo Frankl, head of the IEA’s renewable energy division, “The solar PV story is a Chinese story.”

To get more information about please read our previous article Solar power Fastest-growing source of new energy

Mondragon Assembly in China

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The future of renewable energy is bright, with PV likely to represent the largest chunk of additional renewable energy, far beyond hydro and wind. India is on the right path to experience a solar boom over the next five years with the country’s clean energy capacity predicted to double by 2022. Mondragon Assembly awares about the importance of offering the best technological solutions to make this growth solid and feasible. China, USA And a large number of countries from all continents bet on solar energy as the most profitable solution today and in the future.

According to recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar is the fastest growing source of power in 2016 and will remain so in years to come.

Behind China, the US and India are also major advocates of global clean-energy expansion.

Mondragon Assembly has a solid presence in these three markets. Together, the three countries make up two-thirds of the renewable energy expansion worldwide.

The long-standing prediction on technology dominating renewable energy in the near future is beginning to materialize.

The Paris-based institution (IEA) underestimated the speed at which green energy was growing and are expecting that photovoltaic (PV) solar will dominate other renewable energy sources by 2022.

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Please feel free to contact and meet Us. We hopefully expect help you to rich your business goals. You can contact to your Mondragon Assembly International or Regional Sales Manager.


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The three-year long COMBILASER European research project which focused on development of advanced laser welding and laser cladding processes that combine monitoring and NDT technologies with a Self-Learning System algorithm, has ended. In December the industrial partners tested the developed solutions in industrial environment trials, assessing the viability and practicality of the developed solutions.

The developed solutions were studied in the 3 different use cases and facilities:

  • Hidria AET (HAET) automotive industry use-case, applied in Tolmin, Slovenia
  • Orkli (ORK) white/capital goods industry use-case, applied in Ordizia, Spain
  • TMCOMAS (TMC) oil and gas industry use-case, applied in Blanes, Spain

The COMBILASER consortium has had a very intensive final project year. The COMBILASER consortium held two consortium meetings in third project year. The first consortium meeting was held on 9th and 10th May 2017 at Mondragon Assembly premises in Orange, Provence, France and the second at IK4 LORTEK facilities in Gipuzkoa/Ordizia, Basque Country, Spain on 4th and 5th December 2017.

Orange consortium meeting,
9th-10th May
Ordizia consortium meeting,
4th – 5h December


In addition to intensive work being done in the field of COMBILASER solution implementation and validation in real industrial environment, the COMBILASER consortium also took care of intensive dissemination reaching-out. In 2017 the COMBILASER project published its project video available on Youtube since July 2017.


Prior to the final industrial validation, the COMBILASER consortium provided laboratory scale tests for the developed systems and solutions. After the final setups for each separate use-case have been validated and their operability confirmed, they were transferred to the respective industrial partners. Lab-scale tests for Hidria AET use-case were carried out at Laser Zentrum Hannover facilities, whereas both Orkli and TMComas cases were performed at IK4-LORTEK facilities.

The main feature of the developed solutions is the Self-Learning System (SLS). The completely from-scratch developed algorithm developed by University of Sheffield has shown great potential in numerous ways:

  • as a machine learning tool,
  • as an information input tool,
  • as a process optimization tool.

The SLS was also tested in combination of numerous NDT technologies such as Laser Ultrasound, Acoustic Emission, Post-Welding inspection. Their compatibility with the developed SLS was thoroughly tested as well and HAS shown significant potential.

SLS – Training and testing accuracy using a single model of the RBF Neural Network
SLS – Graphical User Interface



The conclusion of the validation stage also marks the successful end of the COMBILASER project. The partners are now preparing for their final project review meeting by the European Commission, which is scheduled to take place in Brussels in February. Experience and knowledge gained throughout the COMBILASER project, as well as information exchange with other similar projects funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme, provides much incentive for the project partners to seek further cooperation. First talks in this direction have already taken part and the COMBILASER consortium is firmly convinced that the established partnerships and mutual trust among partners both form a solid base for further cooperation activities; bilateral, within H2020 or the upcoming FP9 research perspective.

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