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Mondragon Assembly is an international group specialising in the development of automation and assembly solutions. The parent company in Spain was created in 1977, one of the pioneers in the development of production and assembly technologies. The Group currently has six production plants in Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, China and Brazil, and a subsidiary in India. We also have a strategic network of commercial offices in leading world economies.

Thanks to the continuing success of our customers, we operate in numerous sectors: solar energy, automotive, domestic appliance components, cosmetics, medical devices and electronic components.

  • Over 300 employees around the world
  • Over €40m in sales
  • 6 production plants around the world
  • 40 years experience
  • Innovative production technology


We are part of the Mondragon Corporation, the largest cooperative group in the world. Established in 1954, this constantly expanding group includes over 280 companies employing 80,000 people.


All Mondragon Assembly products are manufactured using top quality materials and are subjected to stringent quality controls, ensuring the safety of the people that interact with our lines and the quality of all of our processes, in collaboration with companies and institutions that certify the quality of our products.

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, etc.


Our innovative spirit, management excellence and closeness to the customer are the three values that have made Mondragon Assembly a benchmark group for customers worldwide.


We are a socially responsible group committed to people and their environment. A group that makes an important effort to develop new applications and manufacturing systems that reduce energy consumption, thus increasing its efficiency and favouring sustainable development.

Certifications: SR-10, UNE-19601

More information about our code of conduct.

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