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Bifacial panel made in Chile supported by Mondragon Assembly

12 May, 2020

The “Atamo” module was developed by Atacama Module and System Technology (Atamostec) a private-public initiative supported by Corfo and a range of industrial partners, including Mondragon Assembly.

Bifacial module offers an additional annual average gain of 11% compared to monofacial PERC modules with the same cell technology. “This means that if the data is extrapolated to a 100 MW large-scale plant, the ‘Atamo’ panel could generate up to 27 GWh/year of additional energy and, combined with a monitoring system, up to 112 GWh/year of extra energy compared to a fixed monofacial photovoltaic plant during a normal year,” explained Atamostec CTO Elias Urrejola.

The bifacial modules were not developed for desert conditions only. Therefore, these first data make this option possible for Chile and for the entire high radiation solar belt in the world,” added María Jose Riquelme, Atamostec’s business development manager.

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