15 December, 2014

Mondragon Assembly, the international market leader in the development and manufacture of production equipment for photovoltaic modules, has launched the new generation “GTS18” tabber and stringer system, with a net output of 1800 solar cells soldered per hour. With over 35 years’ experience, it has now introduced one of the world’s fastest and most versatile combined tabber and stringer machines.

Mondragon Assembly´s GTS18 uses infrared light soldering technology to provide easy maintenance, model change and diagnosis. Furthermore, the new tabber and stringer adapts all the latest technological advances to minimize cell breakage. It is a simple modular machine that is robust, flexible and ergonomic, with the broadest cell loading autonomy, and it has greatly reduced its consumption of installed power and air.

The main features of the GTS18:

Visual cell positioning to avoid cell contact, and therefore breakages.

Flux dispensing on the fly without contact with the cell.

Anti-camber systems to improve tab straightness.

Multiple process configurations, so the same model/module can assume different process parameters depending on the materials being used.

Flexibility for processing different cell models and dimensions with a minimal changeover time.

Mondragon Assembly’s products are defined by their precision, their proven reliability, and their high level of performance, and they are the result of the application of innovative technologies (handling systems, robotics, dispensing technologies, transfer system, vision system, soldering, laser…), being recognized by customers that are leaders in their industries.

The dimensions of the GTS18 tabber and stringer are (W x Lx H) 5900 x 2000 x 2100 mm; weight: 4200 kg. The power consumed is 26 kW/H, and the installed power is 70 kW. It operates with an air consumption of 1200 Nl/min.

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