15 June, 2015

On 6th and 7st May 2015, IK4-LORTEK’s R&D facilities in Ordizia, Spain hosted the second meeting of the European COMBILASER consortium.

The main purpose of the meeting was to assess the progress being made by the COMBILASER project consortium in activities implemented in the first five months of the project. The partners (work package leaders) leading the first scheduled activities informed the consortium on the progress and on the responsibilities that they will have to take over in the following months.

Good progress has been made on the first setup illumination plans for one of the COMBILASER project’s use-cases (UC), the designing processes of the melt pool monitoring systems are underway and three versions of the self – learning system, adapted for each separate UC, are currently being developed.

An important aim of this consortium meeting was to acquaint the partners with the UC of Orkli, the partners therefore visited the Orkli facilities. The company is a world leader in products such as actuators, thermocouples (sensors) and other components of thermoelectric system security, all of which are mostly destined for the home appliance sector.

Partners also visited the IK4-LORTEK R&D facilities in Ordizia, and were being shown the equipment and capabilities that LORTEK will contribute for a successful implementation of the COMBILASER project.

The COMBILASER project partners also discussed the opportunities to present the project to the wider audience in the coming months on specialized events from field of laser technologies, and also the need to find and create synergies with other laser-based technology projects funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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