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India installed 7.6 GW of solar in the last fiscal year, and plans another 8 GW by April

13 November, 2020

Some 5.9 GW of utility scale PV generation capacity was added in 2019-20, plus 1.7 GW of rooftop solar, with domestic module manufacturers enjoying around 40% of the market.

India added around 5.9 GW of utility scale solar generation capacity and 1.7 GW of rooftop PV in the last financial year, according to Haryana-based analysts JMK Research and Analytics.

The additions took the country’s total capacity to around 35 GW at the end of March.

With 1.7 GW of new solar added in 2019-20, Rajasthan was one of three states, along with Karnataka (1.4 GW) and Tamil Nadu (1.3 GW) which between them accounted for around 60% of the new capacity added in the last fiscal year.

Leading suppliers

Domestic solar manufacturers supplied around 40% of the modules installed  during the accounting period – for utility scale projects, on-site consumption, off-grid capacity and solar pumps – and two of the top three suppliers were Indian: Waaree, with 10.1% of the module market, and Adani, with 8.6%. Chinese manufacturer Risen was the second-largest supplier in India, accounting for around 9.9% of the market.

Leading developers

JMK Research and Analytics India has predicted India will add around 6.6 GW of utility scale solar and 1.4 GW of rooftop and on-site-consumption solar capacity during the current fiscal year.

At the end of March, India had some 35 GW of project capacity at the bidding stage and 22 GW in the development pipeline, according to the analyst.

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