Continuous String, Intellectual Property of Mondragon Assembly

30 September, 2021

Attractive patent with great interest in the solar sector

The current patent from 2013 provides us with some results not previously seen in the manufacture of strings.
Seeing the interesting results offered by the patent, Mondragon Assembly faced a legal dispute some years ago with a solar machinery manufacturer, which the Chinese court settled in favour of Mondragon Assembly.
At present, the Basque Country machinery manufacturer has already negotiated some agreement with one of the most prominent companies in the solar industry.

Continuous String and its advantages

The patented “Continuous String” process is a method of manufacturing a continuous string, which means any adverse effects arising from “first” and “last” cell can be eliminated. During this process, a cut is made between two cells to create individual strings from one infinite string.

In so doing, this system increases the machine’s productivity by 10%. Furthermore, this method allows the ribbon/wire to be kept under control at all times, increasing the quality of the alignment and reducing the number of defective strings.

Information request

For more information, Mondragon Assembly will be in at Intersolar 2021 (Munich) from 6 to 8 October. We can also be contacted at any time via the Mondragon Assembly website.

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