Mondragon Assembly develops a battery pack manufacturing line

8 November, 2022

The line has been installed at the customer’s site and manufactures battery packs that will be installed in electric cars and other small mobility vehicles.

Mondragon Assembly has designed and supplied a manufacturing line for battery packs to be installed in medium-sized electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, electric scooters, motorcycles, as well as in other advanced means of transport, for example high-capacity drones, robots or medical systems that require very high operational safety.

The line is robotized and automated so that various battery configurations can be assembled in different geometric blocks. Each individual battery can be picked up, sorted, checked and positioned according to its characteristics and polarity, and then anodic and cathodic welding of all the batteries in the chosen configuration is carried out using metal connectors. The plastic supports that close the block are also mounted on the line.

The system incorporates robots and artificial vision systems, as well as powerful control software.

The line has been installed at Batteries Prod (, a leading French company in the design and manufacture of lithium-ion technology batteries and battery packs. Its new facility demonstrates its advanced technology and its significant growth in the market.

Mondragon Assembly in France has today achieved a remarkable leadership in the design of assembly lines for e-mobility, whether it is the assembly of batteries, rotor-stator assemblies for electric car motors, or components for e-cars.

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