Continuous String, Mondragon Assembly’s patented technology

12 September, 2023

This method, patented by Mondragon Assembly, increases productivity by 10% and has drawn the attention of competitors, who have attempted to copy it. Mondragon Assembly has already filed two infringement claims before the Chinese courts, both ending with a ruling in favour of the Basque group.

Mondragon Assembly Solar specialises in creating solar panel manufacturing lines and equipment. Its core commitment is to meet its clients’ needs and develop new solutions to maintain its leadership in the solar energy industry. In order to safeguard its know-how and competitive edge, it patents many of these solutions, as was the case for the continuous string method.

The priority: protecting new developments

For Mondragon Assembly, it is strategic to protect its new developments, in order to strengthen its competitive edge and assert its rights against third parties. The continuous string patent is a good example of this. Firstly, it protects a method that significantly improves productivity, and secondly – and precisely for this reason – there have been attempts to copy it, to which Mondragon Assembly has reacted.

Determined to safeguard its developments, Mondragon Assembly has taken legal action against two Chinese competitors that were infringing this patent. In both cases, the Chinese courts upheld Mondragon Assembly’s claim and the infringers were ordered to stop their production and sale of continuous string machines and indemnify the company.

Mondragon Assembly will carry on working in this direction to continue protecting its technology, with the clear intention of offering and providing support for its clients with the best solutions for solar module production lines, with a view to working together towards reindustrialising the solar energy business in Europe, the US, the MENA region and India.

A unique development for the Tabber&Stringer

The patented continuous string process is a technique that enables constant string manufacture with no need to stop after completing each string, as individual strings are generated from one single string of infinite length.

This system increases machine productivity by 10%. The method also allows constant control of the ribbon or wire, improving alignment quality and reducing the number of defective strings.

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