Mondragon Assembly develops a 400MW PV turnkey line for Reden Solar

18 October, 2023

Mondragon Assembly and Reden Solar become pioneers with the development of a PV module manufacturing line for the agrivoltaic sector.

Mondragon Assembly, a global automation and assembly solutions provider, has partnered with French solar industry leader Reden Solar to establish an innovative turnkey PV production line. This line will manufacture cutting-edge photovoltaic modules, boasting an impressive capacity of 400 MWp per year, scheduled to commence operations in Q1 2024.

Turnkey line for special applications: Pioneering the agrivoltaics sector

The collaboration between Mondragon Assembly and Reden Solar represents a significant milestone in agrivoltaics, where solar panels are integrated into agricultural landscapes. This sustainable approach optimizes land use, promoting the coexistence of solar energy production and agriculture. The project sets a precedent for harmonizing renewable energy generation with other essential sectors, emphasizing the multifaceted benefits of solar integration.

Igor Herrarte, Area Sales Manager at Mondragon Assembly, underlines that “Mondragon Assembly’s partnership with Reden Solar to establish a state-of-the-art turnkey production line for photovoltaic modules is a pivotal development in the solar industry. The utilization of cutting-edge technology not only enhances Reden Solar’s competitiveness but also signifies Europe’s potential to drive solar advancements independently. Furthermore, this collaboration sets a notable precedent in agrivoltaics, showcasing the successful integration of solar technology with agriculture, promoting sustainability and innovative land use”.

A truly European solar manufacturing line

This joint project stands as a testament to the feasibility of genuinely European solar projects, showcasing that significant advancements can be achieved. The collaboration between Mondragon Assembly and Reden Solar underscores Europe’s potential to lead in solar technology and production, reducing dependency on external markets. Some items of equipment – especially stringers – are protected with patents owned by Mondragon Assembly.

Close to Customer: Reden’s improved competitive position

Mondragon Assembly’s collaboration with Reden Solar brings forth a cutting-edge production line that empowers Reden to be more competitive in the solar market. The integration of the latest technology allows for efficient and cost-effective production, enabling Reden Solar to enhance its market position and meet the rising demand for renewable energy.

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