Empowering Solar Growth: Systovi’s Advanced Laminator and European Solar Dynamics

27 November, 2023

In line with the dynamic European solar landscape, Systovi, a leading French solar solutions company, recently acquired a last-generation membrane laminator, one of the largest in Europe, through a collaboration with Mondragon Assembly. This strategic move puts Systovi in an excellent position to integrate into the changing solar PV market.

Systovi: Pioneering Solar Solutions

Established in 2008, Systovi has consistently demonstrated commitment to solar innovation. The company specializes in high-quality photovoltaic solar products, heating systems, and ventilation solutions. This dedication to sustainability is further emphasized by the recent acquisition of an advanced laminator.

Alignment with European Solar Dynamics: The Last-Generation Membrane Laminator

The acquisition of the last-generation membrane laminator positions Systovi to meet the growing demands of the European solar market by streamlining production processes. This move aligns with Europe’s heightened focus on renewable energy and environmental sustainability, driving the demand for solar PV systems.

Mr. Igor Herrarte, sales manager at Mondragon Assembly adds: “Systovi’s strategic investment in the last-generation membrane laminator reinforces their commitment to sustainable solar energy solutions, aligning with European solar dynamics. This advanced technology positions Systovi as a key player in the European solar PV market, contributing to a cleaner and greener energy future”.

Mondragon Assembly: Engineering Excellence

Mondragon Assembly, a renowned global leader in automation and assembly solutions based in Spain, has been a pivotal force since its inception in 1977. Their collaboration with Systovi exemplifies a dedication to driving innovation and sustainability in the solar sector.

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