New MTS 2500 High throughput Tabber and Stringer

3 January, 2017

Its innovative interconnection system allows the MTS 2500 Tabber and Stringer to reach a net production capacity of 2400 cells per hour, making it the fastest in the market.

The MTS 2500 Tabber is designed to process cells of different technologies and sizes, and is capable of welding cells with up to 8 bus bar. Thanks to its compact design, it only requires 7.5m2.

The MTS 5000 solution is available for a net production of 4800 cells per hour, with more than 180 Mw per year.

Mondragon Assembly is an internationally recognized producer of equipment for the manufacture of solar panels. We design and provide turnkey production lines and machinery for photovoltaic systems. We have been providing innovative manufacturing technology for more than fifteen years.

Mondragon Assembly provide their clients with solutions and services throughout the entire value chain.

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