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PV Market forecasts a 200 GW from 2022

15 October, 2018

Global PV markets should double during the next five years, reaching between 180 and 200 GW from 2022 in a more diversified market.

Although a significant level of uncertainty prevails, the current transition period in China will not produce significant effects after 2020 and the PV market will continue its solid growth.

The market will continue to diversify, with distributed applications growing in share, while new market segments will start to contribute significantly: floating PV, agricultural PV, but also BIPV and VIPV (PV for vehicles) will complement the existing ground-mounted and BAPV plants. Off-grid will remain marginal in volume while large-scale off-grid will grow, especially in Africa. New applications could represent up to 25% of the global PV market from 2022.

Mondragon Assembly provides a comprehensive service to its customers, from technical advice to the choice of raw materials and certification of modules.

The Mondragon Assembly turnkey lines meet the production needs of each customer, providing solutions aimed at small and large producers and combining different levels of automation.

The flexibility of our lines allow us to manufacture lithium-ion modules of different technologies and sizes. The lines are equipped with the most innovative technology, allowing us to reach a final product of excellent quality.

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