Mondragon Assembly manufactures 4 mask production lines that Inditex is donating to the Galician Confederation of People with Disabilities (COGAMI)

22 September, 2020
  • The project is able to produce eleven million units per month that the organisation will be able to sell and contribute the funds to its social objectives.

  • It will create 25 jobs for people with disabilities.

  • Mondragon Assembly has established itself as a key supplier of this type of system. Its production lines produce around 50 million units per month.

The equipment has already arrived at the Inditex premises, and production is scheduled to start this winter in Bergondo (A Coruña).

Inditex has donated a batch of 4 automated lines manufactured by Mondragon Assembly for the mass production of masks to the Galician Confederation of People with Disabilities (COGAMI).
The project, valued at 2.3 million euros, has the capacity to produce eleven million masks per month that the organisation will be able to sell to contribute to its social objectives.
With this order, the cooperative has now produced 15 production lines since the beginning of the pandemic, establishing itself as a significant supplier of this type of system at a national level.

It is estimated that the machines that Inditex has donated to COGAMI will begin production during the winter, once the installation work, which will be carried out in collaboration with Mondragon Assembly, has been completed.
The machinery will be installed at a COGAMI site located on the industrial estate at Bergondo (A Coruña), where up to 25 jobs will be created in connection with this production. These installations will be fully adapted by Inditex in order to meet the requirements established by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products relating to the operation of plants for the manufacture of healthcare products.

With this objective, COGAMI will set up a Special non-profit Employment Centre, with the main aim of offering people with disabilities employment for this production, adapted to their personal characteristics and which will assist in their integration into the normal employment market.

Adaptation and social commitment

Mondragon Assembly continues to demonstrate its considerable ability to develop and adapt in order to respond to the collective need, as is currently the case with the supply of masks.
​In these times of pandemic, the MONDRAGON Corporation itself has become an important player, via its cooperatives, in offering a range of solutions to combat Covid-19.
​In this case, the lines manufactured and assembled by Mondragon Assembly, which also handles their maintenance, have been located at various sites: ​Bexen Medical, in Etxebarria (Bizkaia); Centro Militar de Farmacia, Burgos; Efficold, from the Onnera Group, in Lucena (Cordoba); and Inditex, in Bergondo (A Coruña). The total production capacity generated by all of these amounts to 50 million masks per month.

About the MONDRAGON Assembly Group. Mondragon Assembly is an international Group specialising in the development of automated assembly solutions. It has six production plants worldwide:its headquarters in Aretxabaleta (Gipuzkoa, Spain), Mexico, France, Germany, China and Brazil, as well as subsidiaries in India and the MENA region.
​It operates in sectors such as automation, solar energy, household appliance components, electronic components, medical devices and cosmetics

About the MONDRAGON Corporation.  It is structured around four business areas:
Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge.
With a broad international presence, in 2019 it achieved sales of over 11.6 billion euros and had a workforce of over 81,000 people.
Its cooperatives have helped to combat the pandemic by starting up new businesses and approaching institutions and various associations, placing their technical and human resources at their service.