We offer modular and flexible solutions to cover many fields, such as energy storage systems of research and development machines, as well as complete assembly lines for module and battery pack production.

We are able to supply a wide range of solutions for different cells type, such as: cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch cell production.

The Battery pack assembly line consists of different assembly processes:


Battery Module assembly

  • Feeding and sorting of cells
  • Cell pack configuration
  • Housing and end-plate loading and assembly
  • Bonding dispensing
  • Busbar loading and welding

Battery Pack assembly

  • Housing loading
  • Thermal system assembly
  • Module loading and assembly
  • HV & LV system assembly
  • BMS + cables loading & routing
  • Cover assembly
  • Leakage / insulation / EOL tests

All our solutions can be customised, and our experienced engineering team puts
its experience at your disposal to help you develop your project.



We also develop assembly lines for auxiliary components of battery modules

Main Features

  • Product transferred in workpiece carriers over a loop conveyor
  • Product traceability via DMC and barcode
  • Rework station with graphic display for rework processes
  • Connection to higher-level MES systems

Assembly process

  • P-pole, M-pole and cell connector loading into the carrier via palletising system by Scara robots. Components are hot-caulked
  • NTCs on the PCB are fitted with thermal pads by Scara robots and the PCB is inserted into the carrier plate. The board will be also hot-caulked
  • Plasma cleaning of all bonding points. After that, bonding between the PCB and the cell connector
  • Coating the bond areas with UV varnish. Curing the coating in a UV oven
  • End-of-line inspection: optical inspection of the UV coating by a camera system, optical inspection of the caulking points by camera system, electrical tests of bond joints and NTCs
  • Laser marking
  • Automatic sorting of NOK or reworked parts. OK parts are removed by operating personnel
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