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An easier access to renewable energy

26 November, 2018

Major corporates ready to do more on climate action and call for easier access to renewable energy

Corporate renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) worth 6 GW have already been signed in Europe, representing billions of Euros of investment and thousands of jobs. Nearly 2 GW of this has been contracted in 2018 alone. Commercial and industrial on-site corporate sourcing accounted for 1.7GW in 2017 and is expected to grow considerably in the next five years.

To unlock the full potential for investing directly in onsite and offsite renewable energy and through PPAs, the declaration calls on policymakers to remove all regulatory and administrative barriers to corporate sourcing of renewable energy, as required by the recently enacted Renewable Energy Directive, so the early success – mainly concentrated to date in the Nordics, the Netherlands and the UK – can be replicated more broadly.

Mondragon Assembly, fully Commited to the future of renewable energy.

Industrial and commercial consumers account for around half of Europe’s energy consumption today. As the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report in the run up to COP 24 made clear, the change is coming.

An extensive worldwide partner network providing a fast and effective service. Mondragon Assembly provides machinery for the entire value chain of photovoltaic modules.

Addressing climate change is urgent. Investing and buying renewable power offers corporates an effective way to cut their carbon emissions.

Corporates must also be allowed to sign cross-border renewable energy transactions to maximise opportunities to deploy the most cost-effective renewable energy solutions.

The declaration sends a strong signal to policymakers to enable PPAs, on and offsite corporate sourcing and renewable energy investments to flourish.

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