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The Mondragon Assembly turnkey lines meet the production needs of each customer, providing solutions aimed at small and large producers and combining different levels of automation.

The flexibility of our lines allow us to manufacture photovoltaic modules of different technologies (PERC, Bifacial, MONO, POLY) and sizes.

The lines are equipped with the most innovative technology, allowing us to reach a final product of excellent quality.

Mondragon Assembly provides a comprehensive service to its customers, from technical advice to the choice of raw materials and certification of modules.

100-200 MW turnkey line

The 100-200 Mw line is a full-auto solution equipped with the most advanced technology on the market. Optionally,it incorporates a MES system for production control.

50 MW turnkey line

A fully automated solution for manufacturers with high production capacity. Thanks to its flexibility, it is able to manufacture different module configuration.

30 MW turnkey line

A line of medium production capacity, available in semi-automatic and automatic configurations. The flexibility of this line allows the manufacture of different module and technology configurations.

15 MW turnkey line

This is a semi-automatic solution aimed at small manufacturers or niche products. Its modular design allows future expansions in an easy way.

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