High throughput based on proven technology.

Typical cycle time <7 min

Customized heating plate size

Suitable for Glass-Backsheet and Glass-Glass modules

Upper heating as an option


Lamination is one of the most critical processes in the solar panel manufacturing; it ensures the quality and durability of the photovoltaic module. The relevant materials are positioned on the glass of the photovoltaic module to be inserted into the laminator. In the laminator chambers vacuum is created to remove the air from the module, and in combination with controlled pressure and homogeneous temperature the result is a compact laminate with the best reliability in the market.


  • Membrane press laminator
  • Customised heating plate sizes
  • Accuracy < ± 1.5ºC
  • Top brand vacuum and root pumps
  • Most popular lamination solution in the solar market
  • Process optimisation by Mondragon Assembly’s Process Engineering Service

Main Features

  • 1 or 2 lamination steps and optional cooling-press
  • Single-stack or double-stack laminator
  • Heating plate temperature homogeneity ±1,5ºC
  • Optional pin-lift system
  • Single or double opening
  • Technical availability (VDI 3423) > 95%
  • Yield > 99.9%
  • Upper heating as an option

Module technologies

  • Valid for every type of encapsulant (EVA,POE,TPO,PBV)
  • Especially designed for Glass-Backsheet modules
  • Suitable for BIPV modules
  • Every type of cell (PERC,HJT,CIGS…)
  • Flat ribbon or round wire
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