High throughput based on proven technology.

Typical cycle time <7 min

Customized heating plate size

Suitable for Glass-Backsheet modules

Upper heating as an option


Lamination is one of the most critical processes in solar panel manufacturing;
it ensures the quality and durability of the photovoltaic module.


  • Customised heating plate sizes
  • Accuracy < ± 1.5ºC
  • Uptime > 95%
  • Top brand vacuum and root pumps
  • Most popular lamination solution in the solar market
  • Process optimisation by Mondragon Assembly’s Process Engineering Service

Main Features

  • Membrane press laminator
  • Optional pin-lift system
  • One or two step configuration
  • Single or double opening
  • Optional cooling press

Module technologies

  • Suitable for BIPV modules
  • Especially designed for Glass-Backsheet modules
  • Suitable for Glass-Glass modules
  • Valid for any type of encapsulant
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