High speed bussing machine with capacity of 120 modules/hour.

120 modules/hour

Any number of
ribbon or wire

Vision Integrated

Suitable for cut-cells


  • The machine cuts and places the bussing ribbons
    under the strings automatically.
  • This equipment interconnects the strings and prepares
    the wiring for the junction box.


  • Accurate soldering and zero breakage rate
  • Unlimited busbars or wires
  • Uptime > 99,5%
  • 8 hours autonomy
  • High quality soldering
  • Minimized factory footprint
  • No manual operations
  • Easy integration with the MES system

Main Features

  • Automatic ribbon loading and bending
  • Induction welding system
  • Artificial vision system
  • Real-time quality feedback
  • No need for thermal isolation
  • No template needed
  • Optional ribbon overlap design
  • Two or three soldering heads

Module technologies

  • Cell size up to M12 (210mm)
  • Any number of ribbon or wire
  • Suitable for BIPV modules
  • Full and cut-cells
  • Suitable for any cell technology
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