High speed and accurate lay-up with capacity of up to 600 strings/hour.

Vision + EL test integrated

Suitable for cut-cells


The lay-up system takes the strings from the Tabber & Stringer and places them on the glass.


  • High accuracy (± 0.5 mm)
  • Reduced line downtime
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Minimal change-over time
  • Guarantees final panel quality
  • Capable of managing two Tabber and Stringers
  • Easy integration with the MES system
  • Minimized factory footprint

Main Features

  • Position checking with two vision cameras or lasers
  • Smart string management system
  • 6 axis robot
  • Tab cutting station as an option

Module technologies

  • Cell size up to M12
  • Suitable for BIPV modules
  • Cut-cells and bifacial cells
  • Suitable for any cell technology
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