High speed Tabber & Stringer with a capacity of up to 3000 cells/hour.

3000 cells/hour

Up to 16BB

Single track

Suitable for cut-cells


Accurate cell connections with flat or wire ribbon to form strings.


  • The fastest Tabber & Stringer on a single track
  • Minimal change-over time
  • Improved quality control in cell and string production
  • Easy integration with the MES system
  • Autodiagnosis
  • Minimized factory footprint
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Ergonomic, easy access to any part of the machine
  • A smaller machine that is easier to assemble and optimises space
  • Patented Continuous Stringing process

Main Features

  • Contactless IR soldering technology
  • Cell and string vision check
  • Contactless flux dispensing system
  • Breakage < 0.2%
  • Availability (VDI 3423) > 95%
  • Cell temperature control with several stages

Module technologies

  • Cell size up to M12 (210mm)
  • Up to 16 BB
  • Suitable for BIPV modules
  • Cell types: Poly, mono PERC and TOPCON
  • Cut-cells and bifacial cells
  • Flat or wire ribbon
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