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Mondragon Assembly provides machinery for the entire value chain of photovoltaic modules.

Tabber & Stringer

Its main function is to form strings by welding photovoltaic cells. Mondragon Assembly has separate tabbers and stringers to suit all production needs. From 15 MW to 160 MW


Mondragon Assembly has one of the most advanced interconnection systems.  This machine performs the electrical interconnection between strings in a fully automatic way. Mondragon Assembly provides solutions for productions ranging from 60 MW to 150 MW.

Solar Laminator

Mondragon Assembly supplies laminators adapted to all technologies.

PV Module Inspection Machines

In order to guarantee the quality of the photovoltaic modules, Mondragon Assembly has several check systems: EL Inspection, Sun Simulator, Hi-Pot and EL Inspection.

Framing device

A device for the automatic placement of aluminium frames.

Cell Tester and Sorter

Cell Tester & Sorter

An automatic machine that performs performance and quality testing for the photovoltaic cells before starting the production of the modules, classifying them according to their electrical characteristics.

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